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Despite the fact that there is abundance of cheap, healthy food available everywhere around us, sometimes the link between good food and healthy food is missing. We tend to prefer a “nice” meal vs a healthy meal despite the fact that both can be equally delicious! With such a high number of superfoods it is so easy to have delicious meals and snacks and at the same time provide our body with all the ammunition it needs to maintain all its functions.

Superfoods can be defined as a category of specific foods which have special properties to benefit the overall health and well being of the human body.

According to the official definition of oxford dictionary : superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being

Some of these foods are marketed for their benefits related with certain systems such as cardiovascular, nervous and even in some cases to alleviate symptoms related with the old age. is your number one destination for information about superfoods.

Check out the different types and the health benefits of superfoods or just follow our superfoods blog . We love eating healthy and we believe that super foods, super fruits or whatever someone wants to call them are a very integral part of a healthy diet and a healthy body and mind.

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The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.  ~Thomas Edison

Superfoods products

superfoods varietyThere is a huge number of proponents and opponents of the theory associated with superfoods and both sides have their valid arguments related to this subject. A lot of companies have started creating new food products packed with these foods.

With the rising criticism of the use of this term for marketing, some of the European countries have banned this term for some products until and unless these items are supported by credible scientific research. 

If we go by the proponents of superfoods then the products manufactured using these items are packed with a whole lot of good nutrients which can be a key for a healthy living if consumed on daily basis. On the other hand, the opponents of this theory believe that ‘Superfood’ is just a term coined by marketing companies to increase the sale of their products.

Whatever the reasons may be associated with these kind of foods there is no denying of the fact that some of these food items contain a large quantity of vitamins and minerals along with certain properties which can definitely improve the immunity and all over functioning of the human body.

Are Superfoods really super – foods

There is a lot of discussion around superfoods and how super they are for us. A lot of people are expecting that these foods will keep any kind of health problems away from them while others believe that eating these kind of foods doesn’t make any difference. The reality is that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Superfoods can definitely help you boost your health, maintain a healthy body and assist in the normal function of your organs.

There are so many other factors that can affect your health like lifestyle, stress, pollution etc and what we eat has no effect on these. However, the most import thing is that by eating healthy, high nutritious foods we are helping our body to battle any problems, better than if we don’t eat these foods.