5 Green Superfoods (Kale not included)

Photo by Wendell Smith

We all tend to get caught up on the many health trends that are out there. It’s very easy to stick with kale as the only healthy green superfood out there, but that may mean that you are missing out on some other excellent options.

There are some wonderful green superfoods available, and if you aren’t enjoying them then you are truly missing out.

This is why we prepared this list with the 5 Green Superfoods that are not Kale! Why not Kale? Because Kale is the one that everyone talks about and everyone knows that it is among the most nutrient dense foods! In case you didnt know, you can also grow your own kale!

But you want to be sure that you nourish yourself with all of the best foods that you can find, and there truly is more to life than kale.

5 Green Superfoods List

While kale may very well be an excellent option, these foods are well worth looking at and they can give you the same wonderful nutritional boost but with a bit more diversity than just kale alone.


Avocado is not a green but that green color tells you that there are some serious nutrients contained within. Avocado is mean, green, and full of nutritional value. It is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which make it the “good” type of fat. It can help to lower cholesterol and contribute to heart health.

You will absolutely love that a little goes a long way, because it tastes so good and gives you so much with every serving.

5 Green Superfoods - Avocado

You won’t believe that something that tastes this good is so healthy, but it’s one of the best forms of a healthy fat you can find.

It’s easy enough to add a bit of avocado into a meal, and it’s well worth the addition for these calories really work for you. This is why its on the top of the list of 5 Green Superfoods!


Spinach offers all of the same nutrients but for some reason, spinach isn’t as talked about lately as kale. It’s full of iron, folic acid, Vitamins B and K. It truly is a super food and it can be used in the same versatile ways as kale.

5 Green Superfoods -Spinach

It can be eaten raw in a salad or gently steamed to lock in the nutrients.

Spinach and kale often rival each other, and if you need a break from kale this is the way to go. Spinach has been a classic addition to healthy eating for years, and therefore it’s really no surprise that it can easily fit into the spot of kale and offer all of the benefits in a wonderful way.

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce is full of folic acid, which is important to pregnant women and developing babies. It’s also a helpful nutrient for so many of us, and therefore this one nutrient helps to earn romaine lettuce a place on the list. This particular lettuce also happens to be used for the high vitamin B concentration that it has. This can improve health and offer a wonderful overall addition to any diet.

5 Green Superfoods - Lettuce

You will find that there are a lot of studies that prove that romaine lettuce and its nutritional makeup may also help with fertility problems. Eating romaine lettuce is easy as it offers a much more nutritious option for salads to something like iceberg lettuce.

It is worth the switch and it is often the unsung hero of green superfoods, but it is well worth adding to your diet as a regular fixture.


Parsley used to be used only as a garnishment on your plate. Then people learned that a little bit of parsley can actually help to cure bad breath. Now you will find that this often underrated green can also help you with a nice serving of Vitamin K. As if that’s not enough, you will also find that parsley can help to curb your appetite.

5 Green Superfoods -Parsley

So if you’re looking for a jump start to natural and lasting weight loss, eating a bit of parsley before and during meals can be just what the doctor ordered.


You have probably had this as a garnishment or addition to a dish before and never even realized. This is one green that is all too often overlooked, and yet it has a wonderful nutritional profile. You can enjoy more beta carotene with watercress than nearly any other food out there. It’s easy to add to foods and works much the same way that sprouts would to boost the flavor and texture of a given dish.

5 Green Superfoods - Watercress

Many people look to this green for the fact that it is believed to have anti aging properties. If you want a seamless way to add in some nutrients to a favorite dish, then this is an excellent way to go.

So this is our list of 5 Green Superfoods that are not Kale. You might think that kale is the only “go to” superfood out there, but you can find plenty of other options. While kale is of course chock full of important nutrients, you can find some excellent options all within the same category.

The nature of a superfood is that it can offer you everything that you need in one wonderful package, and these are some of the best options out there well worth trying.