Summer season is the time when you can really enjoy the sun and have fun at a beach too! With lots of activities and amazing things to do, summer also brings along awesome food that can help you stay fresh and keep you hydrated. And all this while keeping the taste quotient pretty high!
So while you plan your next vacation, a road trip or a weekend getaway this summer, we present you 5 of the most delicious and healthy super foods to help you stay on your toes and have the best of the summer season. Read along…

Super Foods for the Summer Season


  • You won’t believe the amount of potassium this amazing fruit packs. You thought bananas have the highest amounts of potassium? For a given serving size, kiwi contains more potassium than bananas. And, the best part is that kiwis contain less sugar and calories!
    Yes, the fruit tastes sweet, but it contains 1/3rd the amount of sugar an apple contains for the same serving size. So you won’t have to worry about cavities either. What makes this fruit even more awesome is the fact that for one cup, kiwi contains 5 grams of fiber, which is around 21% of our daily intake recommended by doctors and nutritionists. So next time you wonder why you don’t feel too hungry after having a good amount of kiwi, you’ll know why.


  • Peaches are almost everyone’s favorite summertime fruit. And, rightly so! This round, furry, and juicy fruit tastes super-incredible and tangy! We all know that peaches are a rich source of vitamin C, but do you know that they are also rich in vitamin B6, niacin, and folate?
    And, that’s not all! These round balls of fur and tangy pulp also happen to pack decent amounts of potassium, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. Potassium also helps in preventing bone loss and kidney stones. Furthermore, the high fiber content in peaches also keeps your digestive system healthy, and your colon clean.


  • These indigo colored berries are among the few foods in the world that are naturally blue. If we could make buildings using the nutrient level in fruits, blueberries would make antioxidant skyscrapers! And this is exactly why they are so great for treating inflammation. Additionally, the natural plant compound called Anthocyanins, the one that gives blueberries its signature color, is also believed to have anti diabetic properties.
    Apart from the oh-so-delicious blueberry smoothies and delicious pancakes, you can also try to add a hint of blueberry syrup to give grilled pork a sweet kick.


  • Lemonades, lemon pies, mojitos; everything about lemons is tangy, zesty and absolutely flavorsome. While we all have watch tons of kids making that face when they tasted lemons for the first time, but we all know also know that lemons pack a punch when it comes to vitamin C.
    But, do you know how much of vitamin C does a lemon have? One whole lemon has 1/3rd of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. This means three glasses of fresh lemonade made will supply you with your Vitamin C quota for the day. And, all that for 12 calories each time, because that’s the amount of calories one lemon contains.
    Lemons are also immensely rich in flavonoids, a unique set of antioxidants that help us in keeping our heart healthy while also keeping pancreatic and stomach cancer at bay.


  • Beetroot, also called beets, are astonishingly rich source of quite a lot of disease-fighting phytonutrients. The most prominent phytonutrient is betacyanin, the same compound that gives beets their distinguishing color.
    Beets also contain folate in abundance, which makes them really useful against issues such as birth defects, osteoporosis, colon cancer and many other serious diseases. Beets also happen to keep our digestive system healthy as their fiber and beta-carotene quotient is quite high.
    That’s not all! People suffering from anxiety, hypertension, and high blood pressure are recommended to consume beetroot juice mixed with carrot juice to keep their blood pressure in check. You can also try having beets with creamy cheese.

Apart from these amazing super foods for the Summer Season, we also have tomatoes (best taken in ketchup form), red bell peppers (available mostly towards the end of the summers), figs, watermelons and pineapple. While drinking juice is more convenient, we suggest you to eat whole fruits instead of juicing and filtering them as whole fruits provide more fiber than juices.