Avocado Pit Benefits & Uses

Photo by John Loo

Before you throw out that avocado pit, recognize that there are some wonderful potential uses for it. So many of us tend to focus only on the actual avocado itself which is a proven superfood, but the pit can be used in a number of different ways.

Contained within that pit are some avocado seeds which can contribute to better health and so much more—so learn how to use them and enjoy some wonderful benefits in the process!

Avocado Pit Health Benefits

Lets have a look at all the different health benefits that you can get from an avocado pit and how you can this superfruit!

Make a Face Mask

You see all the time that people use fresh avocado as part of some skin care regimen as a face mask. You can do this with the pit as well, and you can get even more nutrients out of it. Crush up or grind the avocado pit and mix with water and even some yogurt for a smooth texture.

Apply to the face and leave on for a true moisturiser and an excellent way of breathing new life into the face.

Keep Your Food Fresher

You may have seen people stick the avocado pit in their fresh guacamole and this is not just an afterthought. If you take the pit and use it whole within certain foods such as guacamole, the nutrients are believed to help keep the food fresher. It won’t work for everything, but definitely for freshly prepared foods such as this.

Some people swear by this, so it’s well worth trying out to see if it can keep your food fresher for longer.

Make a Tea Out of It

That pit can be the essence of a delicious tea that you can easily brew for yourself with just a bit of hot water. Just take the pit whole or crush it up to unleash some of the avocado seeds. Then let that sit with some hot water that you pour on top of it to let the flavor and nutrients seep in.

You may have to get used to the bitter taste that the seeds present, but you will find this to be a soothing way to enjoy a very nutritionally sound food. Try to get into the habit of brewing up this tea a couple of times per day and see how much it benefits your health—this may become your new “go to” drink which is an excellent way to energise and take in your nutrients in a subtle way.

tea photo

Eat It For Some Serious Nutrients

You probably don’t realise how many nutrients are contained within an avocado pit. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are all part of the mix when you eat the seeds that you find within the crushed up pit.

You may have to get used to the bitter taste of the seeds, but it will grow on you. If you mix it up with other herbs and spices, the taste won’t be an issue and you will absolutely love what these nutrients do for you.

It’s a wonderful snack and even if you dry out the pit or crush it up and eat the seeds whole that can work too. Try to find a balance between good taste and important nutrients, and you will learn to love what the avocado pit can do for your health. It’s a healthy nutritious and helpful way to utilize that avocado pit so that it doesn’t have to be thrown away. This could turn into a favourite snack to enjoy moving forward!

Wash Your Hair For a Healthy Glow

Those very same nutrients that are good for you on the inside can transfer over and be good for you on the outside too. Just as the nutrients within avocado seeds are good for your health, they can also help your appearance.

The first place to try this is your hair as it creates a noticeable texture and volume that you can’t find elsewhere. You want to grind up the pit so that you can get the seeds and take them in for a conditioner that you create on your own.

You want to apply this to your hair like a leave in conditioner, and you will swear that you notice the results after just the first wash. You can add volume, texture, and help to condition the hair all at the same time.

Try adding avocado seeds to a water mixture and then scrub it into the hair. After just a couple of washes you might be hooked, and be ready to ditch your products so that you can opt for this healthy and natural conditioner.

Many people think that you just get rid of the avocado pit when you’re done, but you can get a lot of use out of it. By just grinding up the pit and getting to the avocado seeds, you can get to the good stuff and uncover some important nutrients. These can help to nourish you from the inside out and contribute to better health, a better appearance, and a nutrient rich way of moving forward. Try for yourself and see just how well these work for you, and you will be hooked!