Best Omega 3 Foods

Best Omega 3 Fats

Omega 3 fats are those polyunsaturate fats which are known for their various health benefits. There are three different types of omega-3s fats, namely Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Sea foods like salmon and sardines are major sources for DHA and EPA. On the other hand, ALA is found in some certain plant foods such as nuts, seeds, as well as in grass-fed beef.

These are some of the fats that can’t be produced by the human body itself. As a result, its adequate intake is crucial for over all body health. Omega 3 helps in preventing heart diseases, fights depression and controls Alzheimer from advancing.

10 Amazing Foods Containing Omega 3 Fats

  • Walnuts – Loaded with fiber, Walnuts are also very nutritious foods that are high in Omega 3 fats. Along with it, Walnuts also contain a number of neuro-protective compounds including Vitamin E, Folate and anti-oxidants. Per ounce that are almost 7 walnuts contain 2542 mg omega 3.
  • Salmon – Salmon is one of the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and is considered most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. According to a study, people who add salmon into their diet have a lower risk of diseases like dementia, stress, and various diseases related to heart. In every 100 grams of Salmon you get 4023 mg of Omega 3.
  • Soybean – Soybean is the most consumed legume and a good source of fiber and vegetable protein. Along with omega 3s, soybeans is very high in omega-6 fatty acids and make certain balance of omega-3s and omega 6s. Per 100 grams, 1241 mg of omega 3 fats are found in Soybean.

Spinach-Grass Fed Beef-Mackerel

  • Spinach– For vegetarian lovers, spinach can be a good source of Omega 3 fats. In just 40 calories per cup, spinach is also rich in Vitamin E and the compounds betaine along with Omega 3. Per half cooked spinach contains 352 mg per omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Grass Fed Beef – Usually, consumers think that meat is meat, no matter what an animal is fed. You will be surprised to know that nutritional value of beef also depends on what is fed to animals. Meat of Grass-fed cows contains four times more omega-3 compared to grain-fed animals. Per 6 ounce steak, you get 160 mg Omega-3
  • Mackerel -These are tiny fatty fishes which are taken as whole fillets in various countries around the world. It is the best to prepare for breakfast as it requires no special preparation like other fishes. Mackerel is loaded with vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. Per 100 grams, the fish contains 4107 omega 3 fatty acids.

Mustard Seeds-Cod Liver Oil-Sardines-Wild Rice

  • Mustard Seeds- Seeds from Mustard plant have a high nutritional value. These seeds are rich source of various minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. Along with these minerals, a tiny teaspoon of mustard seeds can give 100 milligrams of omega-3s. According to a study, mustard seeds also help in boosting metabolism by up-to 25%. Since Mustard seeds contain fat-burning potential, many people love to add it on their salmon thus doubling the dose of omega-3.

Mustard Seeds

  • Cod Liver Oil – It just not a food, but more than that. It is a supplement. Cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of cod fish and is high in Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids. Just one tablespoon of cod liver oil can supply you with daily dosage of omega 3 fatty acid. Since it has high amount of Vitamin A, do not take it more than one tablespoon every day since excess of Vitamin A can be harmful. For every 1 tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil you get 2664 mg Omega-3.
  • Sardines– Similar to mackerel, sardines are also tiny fishes that are eaten as starters, evening snacks, and a delicacy. These fishes are highly nutritious and contain almost every nutrient that human body requires. A single cup of drained sardines contain 2205 mg per cup.
  • Wild Rice -Wild rice is the first choice for those who’re looking for high fiber and protein in their food. Wild rice has earned reputation as a weight loss staple and is also very high in omega-3s.

If you’re looking to boost your over health, do not forget to add these super foods in your diet that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids.