Superfoods For Weight Loss and Management

Best Superfoods for Weight Management

With researches indicating rising trend of obesity in the people living in developed countries, it is now the right time for people to opt for a healthy life style. This is why we decided to have a look at superfoods for weight loss and weight management.

All in all weight loss and management is a long term approach to have a healthy body with combination of physical exercise and intake of healthy food. Gone are the days when people used to opt for fad diets which included starving themselves for a long period of time and becoming victim of anorexia nervosa.

All that fasting only led to temporary weight loss while the body suffered serious health problems due to deficiency of nutrients and vital elements required for the overall well being. This is why people need a more natural way of weight loss.

Why supefoods for weight loss and management

Today the dieticians recommend long term weight management approach which includes slow weight loss which results in achieving ideal body weight based upon the age and sex of the person.

Obesity apart from being a depressive condition also leads to chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and arteriosclerotic vascular diseases. The best option while opting for weight management is to opt for superfoods.

By opting for such foods you not only increase the protein intake but also feel the satiating property of such foods which help in avoiding unnecessary intake of food. Some of the foods with high protein provide more thermogenic effect as compared to carbohydrates and fat thus allowing the body to burn more calories.

While opting for any of the superfoods for weight management one must make sure that these foods have properties such as

  • High levels of fiber
  • Satiating effect
  • High amount of nutrients and vitamins

Some of the best Superfoods for weight management

Below we have listed three of the most important superfoods that can aid your weight management. These are just some of the superfoods that can help someone control weight and have a healthier lifestyle. There are plenty more of these food but we decided to list just the three that can be incorporated easier into someone diet on every mean.

If you’re trying to lose weight then these are the foods to turn to. Even if you just want to maintain your weight loss results, these foods can offer you all the help that you need.

Chia Seeds

superfoods for weight management: chia seeds

The thing which makes Chia seeds one of the best superfoods for weight management is their property of being flavorless and great gelling effect.

This makes them quite versatile to be used as a secondary ingredient in different dishes as it can blend without giving any particular flavor or texture of its own.

These seeds have great water retention ability which provides the required bulk to give a feeling of satiety throughout the day. Chia seeds can retain 9 times the amount of water as compared to their weight.

These seeds also help in maintaining stable blood sugar levels and allow availability of required energy for vital functions of the body. This is due to the presence of required proteins in these small seeds which make it a complete protein source for a healthy diet.

Apart from providing abundance of proteins, Chia seeds also act as a rich source of calcium and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Flax Seeds

superfoods for weight management: flax seeds

Flax seeds provide low amount of carbohydrates and high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. The oil in these seeds is quite gentle and is perfect for people suffering from sensitive stomach.

Due to its ability to retain high level of water, it provides full and satisfied feeling without creating any sort of cramp or heaviness.

Flax seeds contain about 25 percent fiber which includes both soluble and insoluble ones with 12 percent mucilage which is known for its cholesterol controlling properties.

These wonder seeds also provide vitamin B complex, potassium, magnesium zinc, all essential for weight loss, along with alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which gets converted in EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids.


superfoods for weight management: avocado

Some of the people undergoing weight management tend to avoid avocados due to their inbuilt fear of eating fats. In reality you can opt for fats as long as they are the right ones.

Avocados contains oleic acid which is categorized MUFA (monounsaturated fat) along with a high dosage of fiber and protein. It is proven that eating avocados can help in controlling low density lipoprotein and triglycerides responsible for different types of cardiovascular diseases.

The good fat present in avocado helps by accelerating the metabolism of the body and helps in losing belly fat.


apples photo

Yes it’s true that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. In addition to boosting your immune system though, apples can actually help you to lose weight. They are loaded with fiber which helps you to feel full for longer.

The skin of the apple takes awhile for your body to digest and break down, and therefore it acts like a natural appetite suppressant.

You get a healthy helping of antioxidants and nutrients, and it’s a really complete package as a result of it. You will find that if you eat an apple when you are feeling hungry or craving sugar, that it will fight it off and help you to feel fulfilled. Therefore this one fruit can offer you tremendous health benefits and help you to lose weight and keep it off. This is a worthy addition to your daily diet and can help you for years to come!


beans photo

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to beans, and they offer pure weight loss power. What you may not necessarily realise is that beans are full of protein.

Yes this gives you an energy boost but it also helps you to take in a key nutrient that you need. These will help you to feel full for longer, and therefore you won’t eat as much or feel the need to snack.

You can also look to beans for their high fiber concentration. Your body needs time to break these down and digest them, and therefore this means that you don’t need to eat as often. You can include a wide array of beans into your diet each day and they can help you to get a hold of your appetite.

They are one of the most powerful foods out there when it comes to weight loss!


kale photo

Yes it’s a superfood that you hear about all the time, and with good reason. Kale is one of the most outstanding greens out there because it offers you some key nutrients that you need. It is a complete green because it’s high in iron and antioxidants and that contributes to better health.

When it comes to weight loss though, you will find that kale helps you to feel satisfied. Enjoying it in a salad, in a smoothie, or on its own as kale chips can give you a great boost and help to neutralize your blood sugar levels.

You won’t cheat, you won’t eat too often, and therefore you are controlling your appetite in a natural and very effective way which is what it’s all about.


oats photo

Have you ever had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast in the morning? Chances are that you have and you might have seen that it helped you to feel satisfied for several hours. That is the high fiber concentration within oats that help you to take control over your appetite.

You feel full for longer, and therefore this is helping you with portion control and so much more.

You get a nice energy boost, but you also get control over your eating which is what a great superfood does in this category. You won’t feel the need to snack and therefore you can turn to oats for a wonderful way to lose weight and keep the weight off for good.


berries photo

Yes they taste good and they also happen to be low in calories and virtually fat free. They do have sugar, but it’s a natural type of sugar that won’t stop you from losing weight.

Berries are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and so many wonderful vitamins and minerals.

If you add them to a favorite snack or even enjoy them on their own, they help you to feel satisfied. Not only that but they can also help to fight off your sugar cravings in a very effective way. Try to focus on berries for natural weight loss, and you will see the wonderful effects of this addition.

Chili Peppers

chilli pepper photo

You might be surprised at just how much spicy food can help you to lose weight. Foods in this category such as chili peppers can help you to digest properly but they can also keep you from overeating.

The spicier the better, for it will help with portion control and so much more.

Chili peppers give the right amount of spice and you will see why certain cultures turn to spicy foods such as this for weight loss and healthier living overall.