8 superfoods for your baby (during pregnancy and after birth)


You are what you eat, and this is never more true than ever during pregnancy. If you want to help your baby to grow and thrive, then it’s all about the foods that you eat throughout these pivotal nine months and after you give birth. This article is about superfoods for your baby that are really important during  pregnancy and after birth.

These superfoods are truly superior in their makeup as they can all contribute to the baby’s brain development, and help them to grow and thrive—they can also help you to feel your best in the process!

8 superfoods for your baby (and you)

  1. Eggs: You might be thinking, “is egg a superfood?”. The answer is yes and despite the fact that we consider eggs as a normal everyday food that we can find everywhere, its health benefits are amazing according to research .At the end of the day these are one of the highest protein source which will help tremendously with your baby’s development. Eggs are versatile and you can enjoy them in a number of different ways. You can also eat eggs throughout the day to continue to positively influence the baby’s brain and overall development. 

  2. Spinach and Kale: At the heart of leafy greens such as spinach and kale you will find iron and that’s what your baby needs plenty of. It’s contained within prenatal vitamins for a reason, but you can find a high concentration within spinach and kale. You will learn quickly that this is one of the most important nutrients to your baby’s brain, nervous system, and overall development.Enjoy these leafy greens in a number of ways to keep it interesting , take in the important nutrient contained within and keep in mind that these are superfoods for your baby and you.

  3. Avocado: These are on every single superfood list out there, and with good reason. They are loaded with “good fat” which you need and your baby can use to develop and thrive. Within that makeup are Omega 3 fatty acids which can help your baby’s brain to develop in a really wonderful way. Try to enjoy just one half to one avocado a day, and you will get everything that you need out of it. One of the most important superfoods for your baby.

  4. Sweet Potatoes: These nutritional gems are an excellent alternative to regular potatoes. They taste good and you can prepare them a number of ways, but they also offer you so many wonderful nutrients. You can enjoy beta carotene which is so important to the baby’s nervous system and brain. You are helping your baby’s overall development in a healthy and delicious way, and you also get some Vitamin C which can help with the immune system of both of you too.

    superfoods for your baby (after pregnancy)

  5. Nuts: Most nuts are high in protein and good fat. You don’t want to go crazy and take in too much fat and calories, but if you keep it within reason you will get some serious benefits here from these superfoods. Nuts can also give you iron and B vitamins which can be instrumental in your baby’s brain development. Try a handful of nuts throughout the day to keep yourself going strong, and they will help your baby in the process which is what it’s all about.

  6. Oatmeal: Yes it’s high in fiber which you need to help offset any constipation that you may suffer from, but the benefits don’t end there. You will also find that oatmeal can help with its high protein and Vitamin B6—both of which contribute to a healthy and growing brain. Try oatmeal for breakfast but also turn to it as a healthy and fulfilling snack throughout the day, and it will keep up your energy level too.

  7. Beans: You might think that all of your protein should come from meat, but this is not the case. You may not be able to handle meat during pregnancy or you just might want to mix in some non meat protein sources such as bean. They are loaded with protein which helps your developing baby. They are also high in nutrients, and they can contribute fiber which can be an added bonus to help you through any pregnancy symptoms you may be suffering from.

  8. Salmon: Though you will hear mixed reviews on salmon, it’s really all about portion. You may not want to eat it every single day, but you will find that eating salmon once or twice a week can give you everything that you and your baby needs. Those Omega 3 fatty acids that we know are so good for a growing baby’s brain are plentiful here. You will find that this good fat is tasty and full of nutrients, and if you are sure to only eat it a couple of times per week then you avoid any potential harmful effects. Just keep it in check and ensure that the salmon comes from fresh water if at all possible. Fish is always good for a baby’s brain, but this is one of the best options out there from the list of superfoods for your baby.

You may not realise just how many superfoods can contribute to the brain of a growing baby. If you can learn to incorporate these foods into your diet each and every day then you will get the most out of them. This is important for you during pregnancy, but it’s also important for your growing baby as they develop. You can control this part of things in a really wonderful way.