Minerals and their Benefits For Our Body


You may not realise just how important they are, but minerals are such an important part of your daily regimen. We tend to focus so much on vitamins, but minerals are equally as important for what they can offer.

Though we should always look to our food supply for a healthy serving of nutrients including minerals, we often need to fill in the gaps with supplements. Minerals are such an important part of fuelling our body.

So What Exactly are Minerals

Minerals can help you to fill in gaps, improve your health, and keep you going strong. When combined with vitamins and antioxidants they create the perfect picture of nutrition.

You can get some of these key minerals from food, but be sure to look into nutrients to ensure proper amounts. Superfoods are without a doubt a great source of minerals!

You will find that these help you to feel balanced and healthy and therefore protect you from problems in the future. There are likely to be some minerals that you never heard much about and some which you know a lot about, but this is the complete list. These minerals will help you to be your best, and therefore they are a must if you want to enjoy the best possible health moving forward.

The Complete List of Minerals

  • Calcium: Help with strengthening and maintaining bone density. We know that calcium matters greatly and we tend to look at dairy products to help with this. The reality is that most women specifically will need to take a supplement early on in their lives to ensure that they get proper calcium to prevent osteoporosis later on. Example superfood source: Kale
  • Magnesium: Helps with energy production, muscle strength, enzyme activity, and improving heart health and nervous system. As you can see you need magnesium for a variety of needs, and it can help you in so many different ways. You can get it from certain nuts, but a supplement is always a great idea. Example superfood source: Avocado
  • Phosphorus: Helps with cell growth, bone strength, and improving the function of the metabolism. You probably don’t think much about phosphorus, but it can help so many internal functions and processes needed by the body. Example superfood source: Salmon
  • Potassium: Maintains body’s natural water content, improves muscle strength and nerve function. This is one mineral that you know a lot about, and with good reason. When you are deficient in potassium you may be harming your health. Therefore to ensure proper balance and function, you want to make potassium a priority within your diet. Example superfood source: Broccoli
  • Sodium: Maintains the body’s natural water balance, helps muscles and nerves to function properly. We tend to think of sodium as a negative thing, but the right amount is imperative to your overall health. You do want to be sure that you take this in the right amounts and through supplements where necessary. Simply eating a diet too high in sodium won’t do the trick, and could actually do more harm than good.Example superfood source: Beets
  • Boron: Helps with the break down and use of certain nutrients, and strengthens bones. You may not hear as much about this mineral, but as you can see it matters greatly. It complements other minerals and therefore has a place of importance within your diet.Example superfood source: Berries
  • Chromium: Balances blood sugar levels. It may be a lesser known mineral, but it is so important for your overall health and keeping you balanced out regularly. It’s a lesser known mineral but it has a very important place. Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced out matters to so many aspects of your health and may prevent problems later on. Example superfood source: Broccoli
  • Copper: Helps with red blood cell production and works well with zinc and calcium. Yes it matters and you typically need a supplement to ensure that you get enough of it. There isn’t much copper in a typical diet, but you need it specifically for healthy blood flow. Example superfood source: Cashews nuts
  • Germanium: Helps to eliminate toxins in the body and strengthens the immune system. Anything that can help to boost the immune system and get rid of toxins matters to your overall health. You definitely need a supplement to ensure proper amounts. Example superfood source: Garlic 
  • Iodine: Helps with mental and physical development, and balances out the thyroid. You only hear about this when it comes to iodized salt so you may tend to underestimate the importance. Iodine is so important to overall health, and therefore must be used in supplement form.Example superfood source: Seaweed
  • Zinc: Strengthens the immune system and nervous system, and also improves brain health. It can help you if you are just starting to feel sick, but can help you on a regular basis if you make it part of your diet. Example superfood source: Spinach
  • Selenium: Acts as an antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, and improves heart health. It’s up there in terms of its nutritional benefits to antioxidants, and therefore must be a focus. Example superfood source: Brazil Nuts
  • Silicon: Improves bone, hair, skin, and also heart health. Lesser known but so important for the appearance and health of these areas of the body. Example superfood source: Banana
  • Sulfur: Helps the body to naturally resist bacteria, and helps with blood and skin production. It can protect you and keep you healthy now and even if you come into contact with bacteria and germs. Example superfood source: Eggs

Minerals are such an important way of protecting your heath, and therefore should be a priority. They all offer unique benefits, but in the big picture these minerals will help you to be your best and should be combined with vitamins to help you to be healthy and strong for years to come.